Splitting Borders No.309, a storm of firsts.

I've just posted Splitting Borders No. 309 over on our web-comic page and it's illustrated by our first guest artist David B Cooper. It's also our first all colour strip, the only previous appearance of colour being No. 59, that one red coat. And the first appearance of two new characters Isaac and Newton.

David did a great job, really bringing his strong sense of humour and pacing with wonderful characterisations of Isaac and Newton. David draws a web-comic called Perpendicular Universe, which we own a book of, he also animates The Brave and Handsome Squad and you can keep up with all of his arty ways on http://www.pucomic.com/davidbcooper/. We first met him at MCM Dublin last April where he made our first convention behind a table much, much easier with his experience and ready wit. All hail David!

I'll finish by telling you that Isaac and Newton were actually two newts of ours that have now sadly passed on. You wouldn't exactly call them the most interactive of pets but they had a certain charm that we've never forgotten. I miss them to this day and am chuffed to see them back in comic form, I don't think I'd have been able to draw their first appearance myself, probably would have been far too precious, so I am grateful to David for handling their introduction. I did draw some studies to help myself and David out.

Well I hope you enjoyed No.309, it's special to me for many reasons.

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