My own little worlds.

Yesterdays post has put me in a reminiscing mood. In writing a little about Turtles and Transformers, I remember the cartoons that hooked me as a kid.

Not just the above mentioned but also He-Man (By the power of Grayskull!), Mask (Crusaders, working all the time!), Defenders of the Earth (Defenders!), Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (I still have no idea what it was about), Voltron (a first love), (Thunder-Thunder-Thunder) ThunderCats, and can I remember it all without googling; Eyes of the Hawk, Ears of the Wolf, Strength of the Bear, Speed of the Puma…BraveStarr.

I still have my Tex Hex action figure, which reminds me of all the toys I had and still have. Then my mind starts to overflow in a tidal wave of memories like pitting He-Man against a troop of GI-Joes (GO JOE!) in an oversized Action Man tank and…….wait. What am I doing? Where am I? This isn’t 1987?

I was talking about the cartoons, yes, not the toys. I’ll have to come back to them at a later date, definitely. I’m putting my Boglin down now.

For me cartoons weren’t just a reason to get up early on Saturday mornings or most other mornings for that matter. They were also a window into a world of imagination and creativity. In each of these half hour episodes were contained a fully realised world, some more fully realised than others admittedly, but worlds that had been created and maintained as separate, satellites to the real world. Satellite worlds in which unnumbered stories could be told about heroes and villains, robots and aliens, people and places. Limited only, I believed at the time, by the breadth of your imagination. But most of all these worlds were not made by an alien or super-being; they were made by people, just like me. Well adults, and even though I could believe at the time that some of these adults were aliens, I did know that one day, in a galaxy, far, far away, I would be an adult too. I’ve been striving to create my own world ever since.

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