A Doodle Retrospective Part One

One of the benefits of being an artist is that if you have a pen or marking device of some sort and some paper or similar, you can usually avoid mind numbing boredom. There is a disadvantage though, which I mention now to get it out of the way, in that you could never stop working and eventually your brain will take on the consistency of blended meatballs, swimming in Bolognese sauce. But I could go on and stimulate appetite endlessly.

Why do I write this? Well, because the images I’m posting today are doodles, I’ll resist saying oodles of and instead say shedloads of doodles. I have no recent work I can show so I thought I’d go back to my distant past and admit to my dirty little secret, I’m a scribbler.

I like to scribble. These images come from a notebook into which my loving partner taped any stray scraps of receipts, bags or notepads which I had marked with my scrawl. They would usually be found stuffed in my pockets or marking my book or crumpled in my bag. These date back to eight or nine years ago. It makes me think of what they say about the me that I was back then.

That I liked black biro? Definitely, only one appearance of blue so far. And strange shaped heads. And Batman. And I think they say I had a lot of scrap paper in my life then and a lot of time in the form of five minute boredoms in which to turn said scrap paper into mini pressure valves.

More next time.

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