A Doodle Retrospective Part Two

Posting these scribblings for myself helps me to look at them in a new way. I generally leave them living on a shelf somewhere and while searching for something completely unrelated, I can’t resist pulling them out for a look and end up forgetting what I was doing.

First comes nostalgia as they take me back to the where and the when they were set down. Then inspiration and curiosity arrive as I wonder if I could expand on some of the ideas.

And then amusement hits me in the belly as I question what I was thinking when I was drawing some of the stranger doodles and if I’ll have to hand back my artistic license.

I do hesitate to post them though because sometimes I don’t view them as ‘good’ art or display worthy or ‘look at the amazing things I can do with a pencil/pen/crayon/stick of blackened wood’ art. In short art that displays my best side. But then I remember a book I read, ‘Letters to a Young Artist’ by Julia Cameron, an imagined dialogue between an old writer and a young artist. One of the letters is about the importance of making ‘Bad’ art or just art for its own sake, and I am able to get over myself.

So, what do I learn from these scratchings, well:
-I still prefer black biro though red has made a showing (controversial).
-Pointy hair was in.
-As was scowling.
-My girlfriend likes to annotate some of my drawings for humorous effect. 

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