A Doodle Retrospective Part Three

Back to my doodle scraps today. I think of them as messy musings on texture, action and character, I think of them as a lot of different things it seems. Projections of my brain onto a page. The first image has some more spiky haired poses with some facial hair scribbles and a hairy troll like creature with a staff. I remember I was reading the First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant at the time and this was inspired by the hairy troll-like creatures in it whose name I can’t remember right now.

Then we have ‘The Helmet’, I’m not sure where he came from or to which recess of my brain he has gone to since but I do remember wondering if his wearing a fancy helmet was enough to warrant a superhero career or just gave him the power to access any construction site in the world. I’m not sure if the guy on the right was meant to be his mild-mannered alter-ego, let’s say yes.

I really like the lines of action through the figure on the left. I love the shape of the face mask too. He makes me think of a vicious ballet dancer and reminds me of Vega from Street Fighter II, probably my favourite character from the game to look at but not my favourite to play with. I’d have to argue that out with myself and if I got started this post would probably go on forever so I’ll leave it for another time (Ryu, yeah maybe, but what about Sagat, Balrog had his pugilist charms and Dhalsim was fun, stop, stop).

Lots of body poses on these pages, they remind me of the importance of the body in communicating emotion and mood. The stance of a character, be it the tilt of a head or even the flick of a finger, all help to express what is happening in a characters paper and ink mind.

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