Of aliens, colliders and a free comic

The history with this post goes back to the summer 2010. A friend was doing a placement in a production company, CR Entertainment/BeActive, and she let me know that they were looking for artists to illustrate a comic tie-in as part of a multi-platform science-fiction project.

So I got a meeting with them and did this sample page based on an outline they gave me of the project. The project included a feature length film as well as webisodes so they were anxious that the characters look liked the actors, but at the time the film had not been cast nor had the aliens that were a part of the story been designed. So I was free to just imagine and draw.

I based the human in the image on actors of the same nationality as the characters, reference gleaned online. As for the alien, I was in a 1950’s kind of B-movie, schlock sci-fi mood crossed with the desire to be a little bit grotesque. The head is based on the head of a fruit bat and with the body I went for a rangy feel, like the alien could grab you no matter how far away you were.

I had fun with the page but I’d probably make some different decisions now. The inking and colour choices make it look a bit muddy to my eye now.

I’m pleased to say I got the job. The writer was the very good Mike Garley and the story, titled Collider, was to take place in the present and the future, one to be illustrated by myself (the future) and the other to be illustrated by the very talented R.H.Stewart. It was a really interesting and well written script to work from and you can see the result in a link to a free download of issue one below.

I was originally slated to illustrate the future segments of all six issues but unfortunately I had to pull out after finishing issue one due to ill health. I would have loved to have been able to continue but, sadly, I couldn’t. I will take this opportunity to thank CR Entertainment/BeActive and everyone I worked with for their understanding at the time and encourage you to check out the entirety of Collider World.

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