Brown Paper Bag Drawing No.8

The return of the Brown Paper Bag Drawing! All this posting of my doodles has inspired me to take up the brown paper canvas again. They originally started because the shop I used to work in had brown paper bags, which made an ideal canvas on the bus home when I had forgotten a notebook.

This one I call Captain Coalface (alliteration is a wonderful thing). The idea for him came to me last night as I was dumping the ash from our fireplace. The words ‘coal dust’ came in to mind for no apparent reason and I was struck by the thought of how enigmatic they sound. Now it may have been the dust from the ash blocking the oxygen from my brain but just ponder it for a moment. Coal Dust. It conjures a mysterious, dark, character to my mind. Which Captain Coalface is not. And the reason is because my thoughts then turned to the wonderful comic Dial H written by China Mieville. 

If you haven’t read it, it contains a telephone-like device which the protagonists dial to become a superhero. The heroes they can become are totally random with names like; Tree Knight, Cuttlefist, The Planktonian and Daffodil Host (who entrances his enemies in a poetic reverie and has a bunch of daffodils for a head). So my thoughts turned to the slightly odd, slightly campy Captain Coalface with his Pick of Justice to mine out the truth and Coal Grenades to blast the rockface of criminality.

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